Universal/Aging In Place Design

Incorporating Universal or Aging In Place design principals into your house plans will help to give you the option of staying in your home as long as you choose. All too often, seniors must leave their homes because the design no longer accommodates the homeowner’s changing health or mobility situation. For example, the elevation of a single step at the front door entry becomes a challenge when using a wheelchair; an interior flight of stairs leading to a second-story bedroom becomes a daily painful exercise for someone with arthritis.

Frank Dertzbaugh is a Certified-Aging-in-Place Specialist who can assist you in developing a design that responds to these and other issues. While all aging in place features do not need to be installed with the construction of your home, spatial provisions can be made for their installation at a later date. What a wonderful thing to know that you can remain in your home forever. Even if you choose to move, the aging in place design provisions you’ve made will make your home more marketable to a larger number of buyers. Studies document that the senior market will grow extensively in the next decade and there will be a need for accessible housing.

Call upon Frank’s experience and knowledge by incorporating aging in place design concepts into your new home.