Featured Vendors in Maryland

Our Professional Vendor Partners for your Green Home

No one builds a home alone. Here are the vendors we use to help bring you the best options:

Our Modular Home Vendors in Maryland:

We give you the option to choose from several different manufacturers. Then, we can custom design your home to give it your own personal touch!

Professional Building- Energy Star Homes in MarylandProfessional Building Systems, Inc. is a seasoned leader in the custom manufactured homes business, providing modular homes in all states on the East Coast. They have a wide selection of custom modular home floor plans to choose from and they are a certified green modular home manufacturer. Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes, LLC | Energy Star Homebuilders in MarylandIcon Legacy Custom Modular Homes designs and builds custom ranch and two-story modular home floor plans, available up and down the entire East Coast. You can create your own house plan or choose from one of their many multi-bedroom home plan options.
Signature Building Systems- Energy Star Homebuilders in Maryland a manufacturing leader in custom designed pre-site built homes. Signature Building Systems has built over 4,000 quality homes that provide exceptional value and savings to residential and commercial buyers Simplex Homes- Green-Living Homes are Energy Star Homebuilders in MarylandSimplex Industries is a modern, technically advanced, nationally recognized leader in modular construction.

Our Preferred Realtor in Maryland:

MJ Minton- Modular Custom Homebuilders in Frederick MD
MJ Minton

Our Solar Energy Vendor in Maryland:

Solar Energy is a Great Alternative for your Custom Green Home!

Paradise Energy Solutions- Energy Star Homebuilders in Maryland

Think Solar is too expensive? Think again! With tax credits and other incentives, solar is more affordable than ever! Also, just adding a solar water heating unit can save you hundreds per year. Paradise Energy Solutions is a growing solar installation business located in Pennsylvania. They are a fully licensed and insured Solar Energy Contractor in PA, NJ, MD, DE, NY, MA, and OH.


Our Residential Warranty Vendor

Warranty Vendor- Green Homes in Maryland

Whether you are just thinking about building a new home, already have a new home complete with an RWC warranty,
or need an extended warranty on appliances & systems, RWC is here to help.