Our Customers

We value the relationships we have with our customers and are truly humbled to have been given the honor of constructing their homes. Their endorsement is the greatest of all compliments.

Dave and Kelly Arrington

Mt. Airy • Construction completed August 2013
We looked at a lot of designs but ended up developing one that had a contemporary open floorplan. We spoke with several modular builders but were most impressed with Frank. He was really helpful throughout the process and is an excellent communicator. He would say ‘here are the steps we are going to take all the way through’ and it all went very smoothly. We love our home–and its energy efficiency. After the house was built he called and wanted to make certain that there weren’t any issues. He really cared. If I had a problem today I know he would still welcome my call.

Meredith & Daniel Null

Mt. Airy • Construction completed November 2015
We had purchased a 50-acre farm and were looking at modular floorplans and trying to find a builder. We chose Frank because we consistently heard good things about him, first from a friend of ours who is a structural engineer, as well as kitchen and flooring people who we were talking with. We couldn’t find a floorplan that we liked so I drew one for our two-story farmhouse showing where the rooms would be. It was a fairly easy matter for me but I think Frank had to have worked on it a lot. Anyway it was wonderful. The construction phase happened very quickly–in less than four months despite a lot of modifications that happened on site. It’s our dream house. We love it. And Frank was great to work with.

Sue Fortin

Adamstown, MD • Construction completed October 2016
We loved working with Frank. He was so patient with us. He did a site visit and showed us how our custom design could work on the property. Frank helped us work through all the details of design including the front of the house. It all turned out great. We really love our home!

Gloria Snowden

Monrovia  • Construction completed February 2017
My new home is just wonderful. It is a Godsend. I get up in the morning and am so grateful. Frank is a dream to work with. Very knowledgeable. Everybody who works there is. They were like family. I was very lucky to meet these people and have them in my life.

Daphne Matthews

New Market, MD • Construction completed 2017
Frank was very helpful and freely offered his opinion and experience during the planning stage. We provided our own plans for a Colonial home that had been designed by an architect. He made suggestions about some house design elements and layout to help reduce the construction cost as well as suggestions on the garage location. We’re very pleased with our home. It’s comfortable and quiet–and also happy with our electricity bills so far, given the fact that it is an all-electric house and no natural gas available.

Tammy Immer

Lake Linganore, MD • Construction completed May 2018
Frank and his crew built our dream home and were kind, respectful and professional from start to finish. Whenever we had changes or questions, they were dealt with in a professional and courteous manner. Frank’s crew kept our site clean–inside and outside. Even after we moved in, if we had a problem or concern, Frank was quick to respond and take care of the matter.

Our home is energy efficient–our energy cost is significantly less than our previous (smaller) home! We highly recommend Green Living Homes!