Custom Modular Rancher

See us build a custom designed 2000 sq ft modular rancher that was National Green Building Standard certified Bronze with a ERI/HERS index rating of 38. It also has Aging in Place features.

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Welcome to Green-Living Homes, LLC

Green-Living Homes, LLC is dedicated to the design and building of high quality energy efficient green homes. By using a modular design, we can offer many features without the higher price tag. Modular Custom Homes have the added benefits of superior construction quality with reduced cost in time and money.

Most homebuilders construct homes for their customers using standard features and basic materials that are cost effective for the homebuilders. Your unique new home should be built using the best construction practices that consider energy efficiency, environmental quality, affordability, life safety, and are built to last. Our environmentally conscientious homes will be there for you and for future generations.

We have teamed up with several modular home manufacturers to offer you the best in quality and services. Green-Living Homes will be built to a higher standard in energy efficiency, as well as offer custom design features, including Universal Design for Aging in Place.

We have been awarded the highest rating from Energy Star Rating of 5+. This means we meet all the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA. Your new green home will be quieter, more comfortable, and with the benefit of lower utility bills by using an enhanced insulation package, improved house wrapping and air sealing, high performance insulated windows and doors, and a high efficiency heating and cooling system. The construction helps protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Energy Star Rating will also make your home eligible for additional Federal Tax Credits.

A longtime member of the community, Frank Dertzbaugh is also an Energy Star Partner, a Certified Green Professional, a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, and a Certified Graduate Builder. With this 40+ years of experience, he will design and build custom homes, as well as offer a full range of remodeling services, utilizing only the latest in products and building methods that are cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

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